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Take out credit for travel experience.

Take out credit for travel experience.

Taking out credit for the trip – saving up first is not cheaper

Taking out credit for the trip - saving up first is not cheaper

There are no wonderful holiday experiences for free. Nevertheless, the Germans are a people who enjoy traveling. At every beautiful travel destination in the world vacationers will inevitably meet other Germans far from home. When the travel information is exchanged – sooner or later – the topic always comes at the expense of travel. Holidaymakers who made themselves comfortable when booking their trip and simply booked an offer that matched their savings paid for it.

No one wants to take out a loan for the trip, browsing through the holiday catalogs and on the Internet. Beautiful long-distance destinations, such as a trip to the cultures of Asia, are not cheap to reach. The flight alone to the dream destinations in Asia costs a good 1,000 USD per person. Unaffordable for families with children. The fact that the actual stay is very cheap does not save the holiday budget. Unless the outbound and return flight would cost just 350 USD instead of 1,000 USD a day. There is not any? Please check the China Airlines website regularly.

Book individual trips inexpensively – taking out credit for the trip pays off

Book individual trips inexpensively - taking out credit for the trip pays off

Even within the high season, but booking well in advance, the Asian airline attracts with a few tickets at a dumping price. Instead of 4,000 USD for a family with 2 children, the flight only costs 1,400 USD – double luggage included. (Example: Frankfurt via Shang Hai to Manila). Of course, only the 1,400 USD would have to be available to match the offer. At the beginning of the year, (the above-mentioned offer had to be booked in January 2016), the cash registers in all families are empty.

In such cases, not wanting to take out a loan for the trip is a commercial waste of money. Without borrowing, exactly 15 USD in financing costs would be saved. Proof: 1,400 USD of credit with a 12-month term cost exactly 15 USD of effective interest in the current loan comparison.

If savings were made first, the special offer would of course be out of stock long ago. If the same trip is to be booked at the normal flight price, it now costs 2,600 USD more. (Without additional luggage). The high season does not go far for the 1,400 USD available after the savings phase. At most for a week to the North Sea. – On your own arrival, because going on holiday with the Bundesbahn is also not an economy model for families.

Package tours – special offers stimulate business

Package tours - special offers stimulate business

Package tours all inclusive have been the hit on the tourism market for years. But the dream beach is usually only at the dumping price out of season. Again, it is worthwhile for families with school-age children to keep their eyes open. – If necessary, take out a loan for the trip. In the same way as for scheduled flights, the organizers of package tours also pay close attention to how the bookings go. The organizers will wait for stable orders at normal prices and special promotions with a slight price advantage.

If the bookings get stuck, you can occupy empty spaces with real special offers. What used to be the last minute flight is now an automatic booking software. Of course, there are only a few places that are sold with a 50 percent discount and more. But, for the organizer, the booking quota comes back to the target. People who have to pay attention to their money are again faced with the question of taking out credit for the trip or first saving.

Practically always, when real special offers come into play, the travel credit is the savings model for the vacation. Those who still believe in great-grandmother’s idea of ​​saving and then going on vacation are welcome to pay more. Alternatively, he can use a calculator to get a real overview of costs using a credit comparison. Then he will decide on the special offer on credit.

Nogoes if you take out a loan for the trip

Nogoes if you take out a loan for the trip

The impression should not be given here that it always makes sense to take out a loan for personal travel requests. Vacation is a luxury good. Relaxation is also possible on balconies or in connection with day trips. It would be crazy to exhaust the overdraft facility until it stops, just to visit a dream destination far from home.

Everyone must be able to earn and afford vacation. To demonize credit for the trip or not to recognize the savings opportunities would also be wrong. It is important that the monthly installments must be affordable, although the financing period does not exceed 12 months (until the next vacation). In addition, the overdraft facility that enables the booking on the day of the special offer is compensated for as soon as possible with an installment loan. Have a beautiful holiday.